About the Circle…

Our mission is to support the foundation and growth of new social, emotional and leadership education programs for today’s youth.  These programs are truly “the missing ingredient in Youth education” and must be added to the paradigm of our K-12 schools in order to create a new generation of thriving, happy and successful adults. This site provides support for the cause by disseminating curriculum recommendations, event information, and links to research under the heading Research Blog.

The Circle has also been involved directly with several High Schools in order to develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum of lessons designed to ignite and sustain student-led positive behavior programs.  We have completed a 4 year pilot program to test many experiential activities which has resulted in our flagship program known as the Positive Peers™  Youth Curriculum.  We have also provided technical assistance to help spread a consistent, age appropriate, positive behavior leadership program throughout all schools within the entire school district in Riverview, Michigan.

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_Mark Litt
Educational Consultant